Tabula Rasa - Vino da tavola da uve Molinelli

Tabula rasa arises from a bet: to obtain an excellent product from an autochthonous, yet not well-known vine. The vine, baptized with the family name Molinelli, can be considered an archaic predecessor of Sauvignon because of some of its characteristics.

Cultivated ungrafted, it is a very ancient vine, has an accentuated vegetative strength and a natural resistance to phylloxera with an extremely low grape production per plant. The extraordinary discovery of this white grape variety has brought – beginning from the Sixties - to a long period of experimentation. The result of that research is Tabula Rasa, which name comes from the total absence of precedents.

Today Tabula Rasa is an accomplished wine, which best expresses its potential after a 3 years long bottle ageing.

It is a complex organoleptic experience, new and overwhelming at the same time: its mineral and flinty hints make this wine a really unique product.