Scriptorium - Malvasia Vendemmia Tardiva

The Scriptorium of Bobbio came into light in 614 thanks to an Irish monk, Saint Columbanus.

It will soon become one of the most precious libraries of ancient times. The number of codices was over 700 units. It counted works of ancient poets and Latin authors, grammarians, saints lives, science treatises, studies of agriculture, mathematics, medicine, veterinary, music, astronomy and law acts. The highest perfection degree of the book workshop was reached thanks to the presence of amanuensis monks coming from different geographical areas. They were Irish, Italic, Merovingian and each of them left inside the book his own print: the Irish, for instance, brought the taste for uncial and semi-uncial writing and, together with the Merovingians, started the decoration process that will lead to the art of miniatures in VIII-IX Centuries.

In the whole High-Medieval Europe there was no library that could bear comparison with the richness and prestige of the Scriptorium of Bobbio.