Route 212 - Malvasia Colli Piacentini DOC

The Route 212 de Gènes à Plaisance is the great carriageable way along the course of Trebbia river, ordered by Napoleon during his first Italian campaign. It is a way of primary importance for any conqueror from a strategic, economical and military point of view: Piacenza and its region were a real fixed course because here wind many main ways: the Aemilia Way, the Romea Way of the pilgrims, the Francigena, the caminus ianuae, the ways of oil, salt and of tin.

The essence of the great Route 212 is still alive in the present State Road 45, the beautiful panoramic road which winds together with the Trebbia river in its narrow gorge through the Appennino.

A place that Ernst Hemingway said to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.