Polveriera - Barbera Colli Piacentini DOC

Polveriera (powder magazine in English) is the name of a vineyard of ours where it once stood a powder magazine: its ruins stand still out in the vines.

The vineyard lays close to the village Ziano Piacentino which used to be an important defence and sighting point together with its hamlets since XI Century. Many castles may and can be counted in its roundabouts, it was theatre of legendary battles, such as the ones between the Guelph armies of Piacenza and the Ghibelline armies of Pavia.

During twentieth century the powder magazine was curiously used as a magazine for anti-hail rockets. Already from XIX Century in fact, to try and win the calamity most feared by farmers, they shot with field guns rockets filled with silver iodide or with sodium right into the looming clouds, hoping to divert or modify the ice rain. A very spectacular method, but unfortunately not an infallible one, which is still used today.