A Passion for Vine

Celata is a trademark of Molinelli Winery, established in 1846 in Tidone Valley, part of Colli Piacentini which is one of the two well-known areas of Emilia Romagna for the production of quality wines. The brand proposes a line of products obtained from an experimentation and an hyper-selective process performed according to soil properties. In the vines have been located some micro-areas where limestone lies at a short depth: a changeable characteristic according to the soil veins.

In these parts of vines branches sensibly lower the grape production, spontaneously expressing an excellent productive balance. This gives a refined and highly structured oenological product.

The diamond point of the winery is the autochthonous vine Molinelli, which was first found in the family vineyards in the Sixties and took the same name as the family.

From the will to interpret this unknown grape variety the passionate research of Molinelli family has then extended to the whole production.